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SignalFire’s RANGER wireless telemetry system is a cost-effective, reliable, easy way to deliver your sensor data where you need it. Battery, solar, or DC powered RANGER transmitters quickly attach to your sensors, providing power and connecting your entire network of sensors to a simple cloud interface through the LTE-M cellular network. Access real-time data from across your operation and…


Data at your Fingertips

Access your sensor data in real time – securely and easily from your laptop, PC, or mobile device.

Monitoring Made Easy

Simple Cloud interface puts you in control – delivering valuable, actionable information across your entire system.

Connectivity Anywhere

The LTE-M cellular network connection provides you access to your data – no matter where in the world you are.

Compatibility with All Kinds
of Sensors 

And easy integration into your
existing system.


Simply unpack, connect,
and start monitoring.

Intuitive and
Easy-to-Use Monitoring

From wherever you are,
in a user-friendly format.

LTE-M/NB-IoT Cellular Network
for Real-time Insight

Even from your most remote sensors.

Battery-Powered or
Solar-Powered Convenience

For a truly wireless monitoring
& alarming solution.

IoT Industrial
Monitoring Solution

Utilizing the latest LTE-M/NB-IoT and
MQTT/Sparkplug technology available.

Key Features

  • LTE CAT M1 / NB-IoT connectivity optimized for low data usage
  • MQTT / SparkPlugB built in for any MQTT-ready host
  • Integrated inputs/output for multi-sensors
  • Class I Division 2 Certified for hazardous locations
  • Data location from built-in GPS
  • SignalFire Cloud monitoring/alarming service
  • Configurable MQTT broker & TLS security
  • Powers sensors from battery or external solar
  • Certified by Verizon



Also Available with Built-In Pressure Sensor!

Pressure RANGER

The SignalFire RANGER transmitter is sensor agnostic, connects quickly and easily, and provides power to even the most remote sensor — all without the effort and cost of trenching or cabling. Paired with your existing cloud or the SignalFire Cloud, the RANGER system is the simplest way to access all of your sensor data from one platform. Whether you’re converting an existing system or building a new system, going wireless with SignalFire means you can go live and start accessing your sensor data almost immediately.

Compatible with a wide range of existing technology and powered by a battery that lasts up to 8 years or optional solar panel or DC (external) power source, the RANGER transmitter makes monitoring easier and more affordable. SignalFire’s system requires no trenching or cabling, greatly reducing installation cost and time. Once the RANGER transmitter is connected to your sensor, your system is powered and ready to deliver data directly to the cloud, where you can easily access it from your laptop, PC, or mobile device and start realizing the potential of insight.

SignalFire’s platform with RANGER IoT cellular transmitters integrates the latest in wireless technology, enabling direct connectivity from any sensor to a cloud platform. With ever-changing communication protocols, the SignalFire RANGER platform makes it easy to stay on the forefront of technology. The modular, plug-and-play nature of the system provides flexibility as well as time and cost savings, allowing room for your network to grow and change as you add or change sensors and as wireless technology advances. The RANGER features an expansion module to support additional sensor protocols including HART, Modbus and SDI-12.  The RANGER firmware can also be updated over-the-air to support new features or sensor types creating a future-proof solution.  — so you spend less time in the field and more time in control.

Operating Temp:

-40 to +185°F (-40°C to 85°C)


0% – 100% condensing

Input Power:
  • Battery Pack: Four D-cell Lithium Thionyl Chloride, 76AHr
  • Optional solar power
  • Optional 10-30Vdc input


  • 1 Latching Relay Output (2A @ 30Vdc; 0.3A @ 110Vac; 0.5A @ 125Vac). Failsafe & local automation configurable
  • 2 Digital Inputs report state, total counts, frequency (2kHz max), volume total with K Factor
  • Analog Input (1-5Vdc or 4-20mA). Configurable for flow totalizing mode
  • Provides a configurable 13V or 18V to attached sensor(s). Maximum current of 60mA.
Expansion Module Options:
(one module possible per RANGER)


2AI1DI Module:

  • Adds 2 additional analog inputs and 1 additional digital input

Modbus Module:

  • Modbus RTU – RS485 up to 8 slaves, 32 total registers (read/write)

HART® Module:

  • Supports 1-15 HART sensors in multi-drop mode
  • Reports 4 process variables, field device status, unique identifier and device tag for each HART device
  • Scan and configure HART IDs with the Ranger, separate HART modem not required

SDI-12 Module:

  • Monitors and powers one to eight SDI-12 sensors at 13V, 60mA max
  • Reads/reports up to 16 measurements
  • Supports reading the default measurement and all additional measurements from connected SDI-12 devices
Battery Life:

Up to 8 years

Data Interface:

LTE CAT M1 / NB-IoT, auto-selectable

SparkPlug B messaging

Cellular Radio Power:


Antenna Type:

LTE w/ Internal GPS


Industrial polycarbonate UV Rated; IP67

Safety Rating:

Class 1 Division 2 Certified, Groups A, B,C, D. Temperature Code T5. Certified to CSA C22.2 No. 213:2017, Conforms to UL 121201:2017, CE Approved

Electrical Connection:

Pluggable terminal block, 16-30AWG screw terminals

Local Micro-USB Configuration Port

Weight: 1 lbs (0.6kg)

Estimated Monthly Data Usage:

Check-in interval dependent

  • 1 min = 27 MB
  • 5 min = 5.4 MB
  • 15 min = 1.08 MB
  • 60 min = 0.27 MB
Cellular Specifications:
  • LTE band support:
    Cat-M1 / NB-IoT: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B8, B12, B13, B14, B17, B20, B25, B26, B28, B66
  • Supports 4FF SIM type
  • Power saving features: eDRX
  • Secure socket using TLS
  • PTCRB Certified