Slider technology



SignalFire’s unique patent-pending two-way mesh technology provides the power and stability needed for reliable data transfer over long node-to-node distances. We couple an innovative message-forwarding architecture with low-cost, high-power ISM-band radios, creating a simple, affordable system that’s easy to deploy.

Our technology is ideal for applications calling for many assets widely dispersed (up to 4 miles point-to-point); transfer of simple data in small volumes; and occasional rather than real-time reporting frequency.


Robust gateways accommodate up to 10,000 transceiver nodes, enabling the network to cover a geographic range of hundreds of square miles. Linked to the internet and our back-end servers, our gateways bring your data to your PC in the format you need.

Web Portal

A secure Web portal and customizable interface enable network managers to access and control their assets from anywhere in the world.


Our industrial transceiver nodes provide powerful, long-range transmission in the unlicensed ISM bands that sustains signal strength through terrain, structures, or weather. Two-way message forwarding enables customers to both monitor and control their assets.

Costing less than the closest comparable technologies, SignalFire transceivers minimize the investment required to build a network and promise an attractive ROI.