SignalFire Telemetry Introduces the Totalizer Module

Natural Gas

Monitoring flared gasses just got
easier with SignalFire’s Totalizer



Totalizer Module

SignalFire Totalizer Module

SignalFire Telemetry Introduces the Totalizer Module

Ideal for Flare Monitoring

Hudson, Ma. With gas flaring regulations becoming ever tighter, the need for monitoring the total flow of flared gas is becoming a hard requirement. SignalFire has added a Totalizer module to its line of wireless products. “The Totalizer module is designed to work with analog or digital flow meters and can provide instantaneous, total, and daily flow information. We have built in a user-configurable real time clock and it stores the last 30 daily total flows” said Scott Keller, CEO of SignalFire Telemetry.

The SignalFire Totalizer offers the following features:

  • User Configurable 24 hour clock for daily totals
  • Instantaneous and Totalized Flow Rates
  • 4-20 Analog Input (1-5V Available Upon Request)
  • Digital Input Interface (State or Total)
  • Relay Output for Local Control
  • Simple User Configuration
  • Modbus (RS485) Interface
  • Easily Integrated into SignalFire’s Wireless Products if Desired
  • Din Rail Mount


“The Totalizer Module along with our Multi-Input Module and Remote Shut Down System are examples of application enabling technologies that we are bringing to market” said Keller.

SignalFire Telemetry is the developer of the SignalFire Telemetry System, an innovative long range mesh networking technology specifically designed for challenging, large-scale environments characterizing industries such as oil and gas, agriculture, forestry, water systems, and public infrastructure. Unlike other systems the SignalFire System is an Open Architecture that permits customers to integrate the sensors and actuators of their choice rather than the ones chosen by their wireless vendors. Many SignalFire Systems are rated Class 1 Div. 1 and can power sensors from internal batteries or Class 1 Div. 1 solar systems.