About Us

About Us

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry was created to answer a need for transferring data wirelessly over vast geographic distances. SignalFire became a part of the TASI Group‘s Flow Division in 2015, broadening SignalFire’s reach into a larger industrial automation market space. TASI Flow is a global leader in flow instrumentation; its brands consist of TRICOR Coriolis, AW-Lake Company, KEM-Küppers, Litre Meter, and Vögtlin Massflow. TASI Flow serves companies around the world in a diverse variety of industries, including oil & gas, industrial manufacturing, chemical processing, hydraulic, and automotive.







Meet the Principals

SignalFire principal Scott Keller recognized from their technical vantage points that reliable technology did not exist for applications with vast geographic reach in remote areas. His efforts to solve the problem resulted in a reliable, robust wireless telemetry system that costs only a fraction of the closest comparable solution.

Scott Keller, Founder, CEO, CTO

Scott is the founder of SignalFire Telemetry. It was his insight that lead to SignalFire’s unique value proposition for the remote asset monitoring and control market. He brings over 20 years of technical management experience to bear, including extensive experience in radio development, sensors and embedded control. Scott recently served as program manager and senior consulting engineer with Venture Technologies Inc., an engineering consulting firm where he managed a number of telemetry and other projects. Before working at Venture, Scott held a variety of engineering positions including Manager of the Systems Engineering group at ADE, Director of Engineering at IN USA, Inc., and member of the technical staff at GTE Labs. Scott holds a BS in Applied and Engineering Physics (A&EP) from Cornell University.