SignalFire Seeking Test Sites for Two New Products

SignalFire Seeking Test Sites for Two New Products

Remote Monitoring Products in Need of Field Testing: Wireless Thief Hatch Sensor and Hart Stick®

SignalFire is currently beta testing two new products – a wireless tank hatch sensor for remote tank monitoring as well as a HART Sentinel node that provides the capability to interface with multiple HART devices.

Wireless Thief Hatch Sensor

Designed to prevent dangerous emissions as well as theft of chemicals from tanks, the SignalFire Hatch Watchdog® remotely monitors the angle of a tank hatch and wirelessly reports status (open/closed/cracked) to a central gateway.  With the ability to remotely monitor the status of tank vents at the convenience of a computer, operators can immediately respond to any deviations from the hatch closed position.

C1D1 certified for operation in hazardous locations, the Hatch Watchdog works in any orientation.  In addition to a ½ mile operating range and higher performance battery life greater than five years, the unit is easily attached to the hatch without tools simply by using a flexible epoxy.  Once the epoxy sets, press the zero button to record the “closed” position and the Hatch Watchdog is working. To find out more about the Hatch Watchdog, download the data sheet at

HART Stick

An addition to the SignalFire family of high-powered nodes, the HART Stick® provides a wireless interface to multiple remote HART devices such as radar level sensors or pressure transmitters.  Consisting of a potted electronics coupled with a high-gain antenna within weather- and UV-resistant, high-impact polycarbonate material, the HART Stick marries a HART sensor interface with a long-range meshing node.  Instead of using a single Sentinel node to support each HART sensor, the HART Stick can support up to 16 devices.  Download the datasheet.

Companies interested in participating in a beta testing of either of these products can contact Scott Keller at