SignalFire Cloud

SignalFire Cloud


  • Easy-to-Use feature rich web application
  • Remote configuration and setup of RANGER
  • Remote firmware upgrade of RANGER
  • Works with most web browsers, no software to install
  • Secured TLS/SSL User Authenticated sessions
  • Unlimited users per account
  • Configurable alarms reported by SMS, Email & web viewer
  • Configurable & Automated reports by email
  • Measurements assignable to widgets & charts
  • Configurable user access privileges



The RANGER comes complete with the web and mobile friendly SignalFire Cloud interface to monitor, trend and get alarms either by text or email. It uses secure MQTT technology that can also be integrated with private cloud platforms. The ready-to-go Cloud interface provides for remote configuration and troubleshooting of the RANGER node and its attached sensor(s). It is also possible to turn on/off the relay output from the Cloud interface to remotely control pumps, motors, valves and more.

The SignalFire Cloud platform offers historical trends for 3 years with data exporting in popular formats as well as reporting by exception to a predefined list of users. All the data belongs to the user of the RANGER and it is secured using Amazon Web Services (AWS). There is no programming necessary to retrieve the data from a RANGER. Simply claim the RANGER to your account using the IMEI of the device and it will immediately show up on your personal dashboard. From there you can assign users that will receive alarms based on the measurement of the sensor.

The architecture is based on the Ignition platform by Inductive Automation and therefore, users of Ignition can easily integrate the data provided by the RANGER.

  • Rapid commissioning to instantly measure, monitor and control
  • Monitor measurement from any web browser
  • Plug-and-Play device connectivity requires
  • Remote configuration of RANGER and attached sensors (coming soon)
  • Over-the-air update of firmware
  • Viewing of devices with status on a map from RANGER’s built-in GPS
  • Remote configuration of Modbus Registers

Web browser supported (computer, tablet & mobile device)

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Firefox


  • TLS/SSL Authenticated sessions
  • Configurable user privileges

Reporting (by exception or scheduled)

  • SMS / Email
  • Email with PDF
  • Email with CSV data

Charts & Dashboards

  • Customizable charts by RANGER
  • Unlimited and configurable PowerCharts for up to 20 pens per chart
  • Unlimited and Customizable dashboards with several widgets
  • Settable time scale to view and zoom into charts

Data Management

  • Data hosted and stored for 3 years on AWS
  • Self-serve Downloadable CSV raw data

RANGER – Device Management

  • Remote configuration , setup of RANGERs inputs/output, report interval, etc
  • Remote configuration of Modbus registers (RANGER with Modbus card)
  • Remote configuration of HART connection (RANGER with HART card)
  • Remote firmware upgrade in batches
  • Remote control of relay output

Input/Output Configurable Parameters

  • Pulse Input:
    • K-Factor and units
    • Contract hour for daily volumes
  • Analog Input
    • Units & Range
    • Configurable mode for flow and volume measurement
  • HART
    • Configurable HART Addresses to read from
  • Modbus
    • Configurable Modbus Registers
  • SDI12
    • Configurable SDI12 Commands
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