Oil & Gas

SignalFire Telemetry products connect you with crucial product and hardware data at any of your oil and gas operation sites—whether it’s a pump, pipeline, or storage tank.

Water & Wastewater

SignalFire Telemetry devices install anywhere water asset monitoring is needed, whether it’s for collection purposes, treatment, or delivery.

General Industrial

SignalFire Telemetry devices can monitor key assets and can do it affordably, without any renovation or high-priced engineering costs. They install easily with no required cable or additional power. The data is available on your phone or computer and the cloud service can even output to your corporate system to integrate with the rest of your data and keep your operation running.


SignalFire Telemetry devices can monitor and manage water supplies and additives throughout the property, helping you avoid catastrophic shortages and keep your irrigation plan on track.

Tanks & Terminals

Avoid costly product loss in bulk storage tanks, terminals, and transportation movements. Whether calling for tank levels, gauge pressure, or even movement pumps or pipelines, SignalFire products can fill any monitoring gap throughout a facility.


Environmental fines for businesses are be frustrating and can bring business to a standstill until they’re worked out. No business wants to hurt the environment, and in competitive markets stopping production affects the bottom line and staff. But there are effective and affordable solutions with SignalFire Telemetry devices.

Refining & Petrochemical

Expand visibility and control of your refinery or petrochemical processing facility without expensive renovations or redesigns. And do it with your current gauges and hardware. SignalFire telemetry devices are designed to work in harsh chemical environments and meet the strictest safety and security standards


No matter the size of your service map, monitoring remote assets ensures efficiency and keeps your operation in compliance. That’s how SignalFire devices can really help, offering the most affordable and effective monitoring solution that will monitor liquid, gas, electricity, and other assets.

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