Gateway Ethernet Interface Module Enables Remote Configuration of SignalFire’s Telemetry System and Access to Data via Internet

Gateway Ethernet Interface Module Enables Remote Configuration of SignalFire’s Telemetry System and Access to Data via Internet

SignalFire Ethernet Interface ModuleConfiguring a wireless sensor network requires specifying various parameters including reporting frequency, device name, sensor scaling, Modbus addressing, etc. Often, application changes prompt modifications in network specifications.

Many wireless sensor control systems require users to physically change settings by plugging computers into end devices or pushing local buttons. In addition to being labor intensive, this work is dangerous when accessing devices in remote and hazardous locations.

After a SignalFire telemetry system is working, operators can change settings or conduct diagnostics remotely through the use of a SignalFire Ethernet Interface Module and SignalFire Toolkit.

The Ethernet Interface Module permits a direct connection of the SignalFire Wireless Mesh Network to an Ethernet Network, providing access to Modbus TCP and the diagnostic features of the system.  Technicians just need to access the IP address to configure changes to a SignalFire Remote Sensing System using the SignalFire Toolkit.

For example, to access the Gateway diagnostics remotely:

  1. Users open the SignalFire Toolkit and select the Gateway Stick from the main window.
  2. Next, they check the TCP Connection box, enter the IP address and Ethernet Interface Port and click Connect.
  3. After connecting to the IP address, users gain full access to the Gateway, including remote configuration capability.

An Ethernet Interface Module also brings register data contained in the Gateway to field operators via local area network (LAN), Internet, or a cellular modem.

Simplifies Configuration of HART® Devices

SignalFire Ethernet Interface Module also enables the configuration and calibration of a HART® transmitter using manufacturer’s software such as PACTware™. As with accessing the Gateway, users just point at the IP address and launch PACTware on their computer without the need for a serial connector. Once interfaced with a HART device, operators gain complete insight into its parameters, health, and condition.

The SignalFire 900Mhz protocol tunnels the HART information much faster than other protocols. In fact, the efficiency of the interaction is comparable to a technician physically connecting a HART modem interface directly on the device. The manufacturers DTM (device type manager) software can, therefore, be utilized in a practical, safe, and efficient way without operators working in a hazardous environment.

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