New Software Release Enhances Performance of Signalfire’s Wireless Mesh Network

New Software Release Enhances Performance of Signalfire’s Wireless Mesh Network


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New Software Release Enhances Performance of SignalFire’s Wireless Mesh Network

Hudson, Ma. SignalFire Telemetry announces a major revision in its Signalfire Remote Monitoring and Control System, the robust mesh network for challenging outdoor environments. “The new version 2.74 offers some significant performance enhancements over the current versions of our system – especially relavent for outbound polling of remote devices” said Scott Keller CEO of Signalfire. Specific enhancements include:

  • Improved mesh routing algorithims – This leads to faster, more efficient network forming and more efficient hopping strategies.
  • Lower Message Latencies – Inbound and outbound messaging now flow through the system much faster and more efficiently.
  • Signal Strength Normalization – In the past different node types had different noise thresholds. The new system normalizes signal strengths to make them comparable.
  • Smaller Code Size – This permits more memory to be allocated to application specific activities and more message buffer space leading to reduced latency and more robust operation.
  • Backward Compatible – Version 2.74 of the firmware is compatible with older versions now in the field and will be available for upgrades for existing systems using the SignalFire Toolkit.

“These improvements will begin shipping with new systems next week and will form the foundation of some very exciting new capabilities we are working on” said Keller, “Stay tuned.”