SignalFire Wireless Telemetry Announces the RANGER Certification by Verizon for Use on the CAT M1 Network

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry Announces the RANGER Certification by Verizon for Use on the CAT M1 Network

MARLBOROUGH, MA –April 1, 2020… The SignalFire RANGER, a universal IIoT platform to connect industrial sensors to the cloud using MQTT technology over cellular networks, is now fully certified by Verizon to operate on its wireless network. Verizon is one of the leading cellular providers in the USA. This certification confirms that the RANGER solution was rigorously tested and validated to provide reliable connectivity to cell towers that support LTE CAT M1 signals. Other cellular carriers are currently in the process of approval certifications.

The battery or solar powered RANGER connects sensors directly to the cloud over CAT M1 cellular networks using MQTT technology. It is equipped with two (2) digital inputs, one (1) analog input, one (1) relay output, and a GPS receiver. All measurements are directly integrated with the SignalFire Cloud or can be easily and securely redirected to another cloud application.

“What makes the RANGER unique is that it provides power to the sensor you pick and then sends the measurement directly to the cloud using the embedded MQTT & SparkPlugB communication layer. You then choose the IIoT cloud application best suited for you. Your cloud or SignalFire’s cloud; you decide. Then you’re up and running in minutes with a simple connect-and-play configuration,” says Sandro Esposito, VP Sales & Marketing for SignalFire.

The RANGER comes complete with a web enable interface to monitor, trend and receive alarms either by text or email. In addition, the SignalFire Cloud platform provides for remote configuration and troubleshooting of the RANGER transmitter and its attached sensor(s). Operators can also turn on/off the relay output from the Cloud interface to remotely control pumps, motors, valves and more.

“The capabilities of the new SignalFire RANGER is exactly what I had envisioned sensors to do 20 years ago,” said Arlen Nipper, CTO of Cirrus Link Solutions and the co-inventor of MQTT. “The RANGER transmitter uses MQTT to publish process variable information on exception along with MQTT Sparkplug Topic Namespace and payload representation. This makes the RANGER one of the very first transmitters that is literally Plug-and-Play, simple to deploy into modern MQTT infrastructures in eliminating legacy protocol complexities and providing a secure, and a reliable ‘Single Source of Truth’ for all consuming applications.”

“I was blown away with the fact that I could simply point the MQTT TCP/IP address to my MQTT Server, and, in a matter of seconds have all of the process variables show up in my Ignition Dashboards!”

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