SignalFire Introduces SCADA functions to its Gateway-in-a-Stick

SignalFire Gateway-in-a-Stick

SignalFire Gateway-in-a-Stick

SignalFire Introduces SCADA Functions to its Gateway-in-a-Stick

Hudson, Ma. SignalFire Telemetry introduces a new feature to its popular Gateway-in-a-Stick. SignalFire has added monitoring and control logic to its Gateway-in-a-Stick product. This permits the Gateway to autonomously perform SCADA functions.

“The easy to use, menu driven interface makes it straightforward to configure the Gateway-in-a-Stick to perform logic based on inputs from sensor in the field and to control relays and other devices based on the input values” said Scott Keller, CEO of SignalFire Telemetry.

“When coupled with SignalFire’s Comm-Gard™ feature, the SignalFire system is ideal for Remote Shutdown (RSD) applications in the Oil and Gas field.”

“Comm-Gard™ is designed to ensure fail-safe operation of RSD in oil wells feeding tank batteries.  This feature will force the system into a safe state if communications are lost or if the main controller fails.” Keller added.

“SignalFire offers a robust, cost effective, long range mesh network that was designed for this type of application.  Customers can use either a PLC or our Gateway-in-a-Stick at the tank battery to monitor tank levels and other parameters and then send a signal to multiple remote wells to shut down if high fluid levels or other conditions are indicated.  Comm-Gard is layered on top of this standard operation and it ensures the wells are put in a safe state upon failure of either the communications or the main controller”.

SignalFire Telemetry is the developer of the SignalFire Telemetry System, an innovative long range mesh networking technology specifically designed for challenging, large-scale environments characterizing industries such as oil and gas, agriculture, forestry, water systems, and public infrastructure. The SignalFire System is a sensor-independent mesh network that enables users to integrate analog and digital sensors into a single system using an industry standard Modbus interface.