SignalFire Expands Its LTE-M Wireless Transmitter, the RANGER, with HART™ and SDI-12 Protocol Compatibility

SignalFire Expands Its LTE-M Wireless Transmitter, the RANGER, for Compatibility with HART™ Devices and Instruments Using SDI-12 Protocol

MARLBOROUGH, MA –February 4, 2021… SignalFire, a leader in wireless telemetry, expands the RANGER product offering with embedded HART™ and SDI-12 interface modules to provide users with greater sensor flexibility and accuracy. Launched in early 2020, the RANGER is a battery- or solar-powered LTE-M transmitter that powers sensors and transmits their measurements over LTE-M cellular networks using the MQTT/Sparkplug messaging structure to bring data into a SignalFire Cloud or an existing customer platform.

The new modules add capabilities to the RANGER for interfacing with two global and major communication standards for sensors: HART™ & SDI-12.  The RANGER can power up to 15 HART™ devices when equipped with the HART expansion module and up to 8 devices using the SDI-12 expansion module (depending on the current draw of each device). Using this option, users can choose from a wider variety of sensors that best fit their application and reduce installation costs by using a multi-protocol sensor-to-cloud platform.


Additional key benefits of using a HART™ instrument instead of an analog device:

  • Reduces current draw in HART multi-drop mode as the current is fixed at 4mA instead of varying from 4-20mA.
  • Increases measurement accuracy by directly reading the sensor value digitally with no need for data conversion.
  • Reads multiple data values from a single device.

“By adding HART™ and SD1-12 modules, the RANGER provides even more flexibility for customers to bring measurements from sensors best suited for an application to the Cloud,” explains Josh Schadel, General Manager and CTO at SignalFire.  “At the same time, the RANGER brings sensor data without accuracy loss while using less power to extend its battery life.”

“Our mission is to provide insight and foresight to customer’s applications using wireless telemetry that integrates with a range of sensors and monitoring systems.”  notes Sandro Esposito, VP Sales & Marketing at SignalFire. “We make it cost-effective, reliable, and easy to bring critical asset data from the field to the control room.”

The immediate release of the HART & SDI-12 modules adds to the availability of Modbus, analog, digital, pulse, and relay outputs of the RANGER, making it the most versatile sensor-to-cloud industrial IoT solution on the market.

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