SignalFire Announces the Release of their Ethernet Gateway Product

SignalFire Announces the Release of their Ethernet Gateway Product



The SignalFire Ethernet Interface
Module Conveniently Provides
Ethernet Connectivity for the
SignalFire Wireless Mesh Network



Network Settings and Performance
can Now be Remotely Monitored
Using the SignalFire Toolkit
Avoiding Costly Service Calls

SignalFire Announces the Release of their Ethernet Gateway Product

Hudson, Ma. SignalFire Telemetry has expanded connectivity options for its popular Open Architecture wireless monitoring and control system by introducing  the Ethernet Gateway.

“IP and Ethernet connections are increasingly finding their way into upstream and midstream oil and gas fields as well as other environments where they were once rare,” said Scott Keller, CEO of SignalFire Telemetry. “The Ethernet Gateway facilitates these connections and will form the basis for some exciting features that will be released in the next 6 months so stay tuned!”

The Ethernet Gateway permits direct connection of the SignalFire Wireless Mesh Network to an Ethernet Network. The Ethernet Gateway has 2 addressable ports and is designed to connect to a standard SignalFire Gateway-in-a-Stick. The principle features of the Ethernet Gateway are:

  • Fast Data Access – The system automatically connects via an RJ 45 connector and configures itself with an IP address. Network data is accessed using Modbus TCP.
  • Remote Configuration -The second port in the system is used to provide remote access to the SignalFireToolkit. This powerful utility can now remotely monitor the health of the network and can diagnose problems without the need to send personnel to the site.
  • Power Over Ethernet – The system can also power itself and the attached Gateway-in-a-Stick from connections that support Power Over Ethernet making installation easier and faster.
  • Ease of Installation – The Ethernet Gateway comes in DIN Rail mounted enclosure that can be readily mounted in a communications cabinet.
  • Local Configuration Options – A convenient DB 9 connector permits local access for configuring the Gateway.


SignalFire Telemetry is the developer of the SignalFire Telemetry System, an innovative long range mesh networking technology specifically designed for challenging, large-scale environments characterizing industries such as oil and gas, agriculture, forestry, water systems, and public infrastructure. Unlike other systems the SignalFire System is an Open Architecture that permits customers to integrate the sensors and actuators of their choice rather than the ones chosen by their wireless vendors. Many SignalFire Systems are rated Class 1 Div. 1 and can power sensors from internal batteries or Class 1 Div. 1 solar systems.