Industrial Tank Level Monitoring

Industrial Tank Level Monitoring

Tank Level Monitoring is an ideal wireless application.

Wireless Tank Level Monitoring

Flexible Sensing Technologies Tank Level Monitoring is not an application where there is a single dominant sensing technology, the choice of the right sensing technology is heavily dependent on the product or products being measured and the local environment.  Using the SignalFire System you can choose the Sensing Technology that is right for the job and marry it to the SignalFire wireless module with the proper interface.

Cost Effective – SignalFire systems offer True Wireless Connectivity.  With either internal batteries or specialized solar systems there is no need to run conduit for either power or signals to the level sensor.  SignalFire systems are typically competitive with 50 to 100 ft of installed conduit.

Easy to Install – SignalFire systems and their respective sensors can be set up and tested in the shop, greatly reducing installation time. For sensors that require insitu calibration, such as guided wave radars, SignalFire’s NodeChecker supports a PACTWare connection that permits remote wireless sensor configuration.

Hazardous Location – SignalFire has Hazardous Locations supported as well. SignalFire’s Sentinel series is rated as intrinsically Safe for Class 1 Div 1 areas including SignalFire’s innovative Sentinel Solar Systems.

Tank Level Monitoring – Application Story

Recommended SignalFire Systems

Sentinel Series – For Hazardous Locations Requiring Class 1 Division 1 certification
A2 Family – For solutions that do not require hazardous Location certification
  • A2-Hart – Typically used with Radars, and Guided Wave Radars
  • A2-Analog – Typically used with pressure sensors and level switches