C1D1 Sentinel-Solar

C1D1 Sentinel Solar System

The Sentinel Solar System is self contained Class 1 Division 1 Intrinsically Safe solar power system.  It consists of a solar panel with mounting bracket and integrated potted battery and high efficiency solar charger.

Bracket mounting kits are available. 

Features and Benefits of the Sentinel Solar System

  • Class 1, Division 1, Temp Code T3, Groups C&D. Conforms to UL Std. 913, Certified to Can/CSA Std C22.2 No. 157
  • Provides power to both the Sentinel node and its attached sensor
  • Sealed lead acid batteries for long life and extended temperature range operation
  • Fully encapsulated batteries and electronics
  • High capacity version available for demanding power requirements
Bracket Front

Sentinel-Solar High Capacity System with Mounting Kit






C1D1 Sentinel Solar System

C1D1 Solar System