SignalFire Releases New Remote Configuration Capability


SignalFire NodeChecker

SignalFire’s NodeChecker now
supports wireless node configuration
and wireless PACTware

SignalFire Releases New Remote Configuration Capability

Hudson, Ma. It is February in the Bakken and its cold. You have just finished installing a wireless sensor network. This includes a mix of Analog, Hart, Modbus, and Digital Input sensors and transmitters. You are warming up in your truck when your boss calls. “We changed our mind; we need the data every 2 minutes not every 10 and the Scale Factor on all the pressure sensors need to be changed”. Do you:

Get out of the Truck, put on a respirator and harness and climb up to the top of the nearest tank with your laptop and tool kit muttering unflattering things about your boss while hoping your fingers do not freeze to the railing again?

B. Pull out your SignalFire NodeChecker™ and connect to each SignalFire node and reconfigure them from the comfort of your truck?

Now you can choose B!

SignalFire announces a new enhancement to its Nodechecker and SignalFire ToolKit. The Nodechecker can now supports wireless configuration. The SignalFire ToolKit and Nodechecker can connect to any node in the system and change its configuration. This includes:

  • Slave ID
  • Sensor “Zeroing”
  • Check In Interval
  • Node Name
  • Radio Mode
  • Scale Factors
  • Sensor Power Level and On Time
  • Check in on Exception Status
SignalFire ToolKit Remote Configuration Screen

SignalFire’s Easy-To-Use Toolkit now includes the ability to remotely configure systems

“Now, in addition to being able to configure sensors wirelessly with PACTware, field technicians can change the way that the SignalFire Telemetry System operates in the field without having to touch the units. This is a real productivity and safety benefit” Said Scott Keller, CEO of Signalfire. “This is the next step in our plan for enhancing installation and maintenance productivity and is a real benefit of the SignalFire Wireless system”