SignalFire Introduces Three New Sentinel Models

SignalFire Introduces Three New Sentinel Models

SignalFire Adds 3 New Models to its Sentinel Product Line

SignalFire Introduces Three New Sentinel Models 

Hudson, Ma. SignalFire Telemetry has expanded its popular Sentinel Product Line. “We are adding new interface capabilities to our open architecture to support a wider array of sensors” said Scott Keller, CEO of SignalFire. “These new modules will all be rated Class 1 Division 1, intrinsically safe and can be power either from internal batteries or our C1D1 Solar System” The new modules include:

  • Sentinel Thermocouple – Designed to interface to K and J type thermocouples as well as other types.  The Sentinel Thermocouple can operate for years on internal batteries
  • Sentinel Turbine – The Sentinel Turbine provides a sensitive pulse pick up that provides direct connection to a turbine meter. The system can monitor frequencies in the range of 1 Hz to 2 kHz with a min sensitivity of 30 mV. K factor conversion is done in the Sentinel Turbine.
  • Sentinel Load Cell – The newest addition to the Sentinel Product Line, the Load Cell Sentinel works with standard mV/V (Wheatstone Bridge) load cells making it ideal for load measurements on moving devices.