SignalFire Expands the Long Range A2 Series with Two New Interfaces

SignalFire Expands the Long Range A2 Series with Two New Interfaces

MARLBOROUGH, MA –May 7,  2020… SignalFire Wireless Telemetry is pleased to announce the expansion of their popular A2 Series of battery-powered wireless nodes with interface cards to support two specific applications: Cathodic Protection Monitoring and Water/Wastewater System Monitoring.

The popularity of the SignalFire Wireless Telemetry products has expanded beyond traditional markets and has become sought after in Cathodic Protection Systems as well as in the Water/Wastewater market. These new applications require special interface cards to communicate in these new environments.

Cathodic Protection:
The SignalFire A2-CP is designed to monitor both the cathodic rectifier DC voltage as well the voltage across the rectifier shunt resistor, which allows the user to monitor the current of the protection system. This device allows users to ensure that the cathodic protection system is running as expected and provides early warnings to potential issues, which if left unchecked could lead to unexpected corrosion due to lack of a functioning cathodic protection system.

The SDI-12 interface is a serial protocol that is commonly used by various water and environmental sensors. The A2-SDI12 can provide power for the attached SDI-12 sensor(s) and can be configured to read up to 10 measurements from the connected sensor(s).

These new interfaces expand the extensive list of supported sensors and interfaces allows for even more remote measurements to be monitored by the SignalFire wireless system.

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