SignalFire Launches Link Scout – A New Wireless Radio Adapter for HART Enabled Devices

MARLBOROUGH, MA –March 26, 2019

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry, the fastest growing producer of industrial wireless telemetry, announces the release of a new product to adapt to loop powered HART® devices. The independently powered Link Scout designed for Class 1 Division 1 (C1D1) hazardous areas provides wireless connectivity for operators to monitor, configure and diagnose assets equipped with a HART® enable instrument. Read More.

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry Announces New Management Structure as Founder Retires

MARLBOROUGH, MA – September 27, 2018

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry, innovators of wireless mesh networking systems used in challenging and hazardous locations such as oil and gas, announces the retirement of its founder and the restructure of its management team. Read more.

SignalFire Introduces the C1D2 Non-Incendive Modbus Flow Totalizer for Local and Remote Readout of Turbine Meters

HUDSON, MA – July 17, 2018

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry introduces the ModQ Sentry, a Modbus Flow Totalizer that interfaces with pulse-type inductive turbine (and other) flow meters to provide instantaneous flow rates, accumulated totals and status information. Units are configurable for volume and time settings and offer options to configure the K factor to match the turbine. Read more.

SignalFire Telemetry Moves to New Corporate Headquarters—Adding Production Capacity and Training Center to Support Growth

HUDSON, MA – March 2, 2018

SignalFire Telemetry, designer and manufacturer of reliable, user-friendly, and versatile wireless telemetry solutions for asset monitoring in industrial applications, is relocating to new corporate headquarters in Marlborough, MA. Read more.

SignalFire Introduces Multi-Purpose Wireless Inclinometer for Tank Hatch and Pump Jack Monitoring for Oil and Gas Industry

February 13, 2018

HUDSON, MA – SignalFire Wireless Telemetry introduces the Tilt Scout, a new, patent-pending, intrinsically safe wireless inclinometer for tank hatch detection and pump jack motion monitoring. Read more.

SignalFire Strengthens Sales Network and Customer Support throughout North America with Seven New Automation Solution Providers

December 07, 2017

HUDSON, MA – SignalFire Wireless Telemetry expands its customer reach and support throughout the United States and Canada by adding seven new channel partners to represent its wireless telemetry solutions… Read more.

Intrinsically Safe, Wireless Flow Totalizer from SignalFire Provides Field Display of Flow Rates and Totals from Flow Meters

August 28, 2017  

HUDSON, MA – SignalFire Wireless Telemetry introduces a new Intrinsically Safe Wireless Flow Totalizer that connects to industry-standard inductive turbine flow meters. Read more.

Connecting Farm Operations with a SignalFire Wireless Sensor Control System for Greater Data Management and Operational Connectivity

June 05, 2017  

Farming requires managing a multitude of assets and operations. Staying connected to what is happening with the field environment, equipment utilization, supply levels and crop growth is an essential – and challenging – task to remain productive. Read More.

VEGAPULS 69 Level Sensors with SignalFire Remote Sensing System Automate Flour Usage Management in Pizza Production Plant

April 05, 2017  

A regional pizza commissary will soon be able to remotely and more efficiently manage flour storage silos at its production plant from locally-networked personal computers. Read More.

SignalFire Seeking Test Sites for Two New Products

Remote Monitoring Products in Need of Field Testing: Wireless Thief Hatch Sensor and Hart Stick®

April 04, 2017  

SignalFire is currently beta testing two new products – a wireless tank hatch sensor for remote tank monitoring as well as a HART Sentinel node that provides the capability to interface with multiple HART devices. Read More.

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry System Replaces Aging Wired Control System in Monitoring Hydroelectric Dam Levels

March 09, 2017  

HUDSON, MA – March 9, 2017… The SignalFire Remote Sensing System™ (SRFSS) offered a more secure and robust alternative to an aging wired sensor control system for remote monitoring of hydroelectric dam levels. Read More.

Signal Fire Remote Monitoring System Offers Safer, Wireless Solution In Monitoring Levels of Acid in Rail Cars

February 1, 2017  

HUDSON, MA – February 1, 2017… A regeneration facility replaced a manual method of measuring hazardous liquids in rail cars with a Signal Fire Remote Sensing System to increase worker safety. Read More.

Wellkeeper Specifies SignalFire Remote Sensing System in Wellhead Monitoring Solution

November 21, 2016

Hudson, MA – November 21, 2016…Monitoring tubing and casing pressures from wellheads helps operators optimize well production while gaining a better understanding of long-term performance.  Feedback can also provide valuable… Read more.

SignalFire Introduces Wireless Pressure Scout For Remote Pressure Monitoring and Alarm Applications

September 12, 2016

Hudson, MA – September 12, 2016…SignalFire Wireless Telemetry introduces the Pressure Scout, an intrinsically safe wireless pressure sensor that supports pressure monitoring and alarm reporting as part of the SignalFire Remote Sensing System. Read More.

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry Expands Sales Channel To Market Wireless Remote Monitoring Solutions In New Markets and Territories

June 6, 2016

HUDSON, MA – June 6, 2016…SignalFire Wireless Telemetry has contracted four new manufacturer representatives to expand the brand of its wireless remote monitoring and control systems beyond the oil and gas industry to an array of new markets including chemical processing, refineries, downstream oil and gas, power generation, as well as food and beverage. Read More.

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry Gains Class 1, Division 2 Certification for Wireless I/O Module and Modbus DIN Mount Gateways

June 2, 2016

Hudson, MA – June 2, 2016…SignalFire Wireless Telemetry announces that its Modbus DIN Mount Gateways and Wireless I/O Modules are now certified to Class 1, Division 2 standards, allowing their use as part of remote monitoring and control systems in harsh environments with the occurrence of explosive gases. Read More.

SignalFire New Firmware Adds AES-128 Encryption to its Wireless Remote Monitoring Product Line For Added Security

August 15, 2016

Hudson, MA – August 15, 2016…Wireless monitoring and control systems must ensure the security of data as it passes from device to device. Read More.

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry Names Automation X Engineers As New Rep for Expanding Presence in Canada

June 27, 2016

Hudson, MA – June 27, 2016…SignalFire Wireless Telemetry has contracted manufacturer rep Automation X Engineers (AXE) to represent its wireless remote monitoring and control solutions in Canada throughout the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Read More.

SignalFire Installs Their 20,000th Wireless Node in the North American Oil Field, Providing Wireless Asset Connectivity

Company maintains impressive reliability record for its products

April 01, 2016

Hudson, MA – SignalFire Telemetry has reached a major milestone by shipping its 20,000th wireless node.  The company reached this goal this week by shipping a Sentinel unit to one of its distributors: TechStar, based in Houston, TX. Read More.

SignalFire Totalizer Module Provides Instantaneous Gas Flow Totals

February 18, 2016

Hudson, MA – Spurred by the growth of hydraulic fracking within the United States, flare gas regulations have become tighter, requiring companies to more closely monitor the total flow… Read more.

SignalFire Adds New DIN Mounted System to its Gateway Options

October 23, 2015

Hudson, Ma. – SignalFire has developed a new DIN Mounted Modular Gateway. Based on its popular Gateway-in-a-Stick design the new DIN Mounted Gateway provides additional installation flexibility. Read more.

SignalFire Acquired by TASI

How Tough is the SignalFire Sentinel?

SignalFire Introduces 3 New Sentinel Models

May 15, 2016

SignalFire Introduces New Chemical Injection system

SignalFire Introduces New 2-Way Point to Point Analog and Digital Communications Module Ideal for Valve Control and Retrofit Applications

New Remote Configuration Capabilities Enhance the SignalFire Productivity Story

Hudson, Ma. — One of the key benefits to using a wireless sensor networks in an upstream oil or gas site is the cost savings that can be realized when compared to traditional wired systems. Read more.

SignalFire Telemetry updates the Multi Input/Output Module

Hudson, MA — Microprocessor Based IO Module Ideal for Separator, Heater Treater, Plunger Lift and Other Applications Now configurable as a Standalone Modbus Device   Hudson, Ma. SignalFire Telemetry has added new features to it’s popular Multi Input Module. Read more.

SignalFire Telemetry Introduces New High Capacity Class 1 Div 1 Solar Power Module for its Sentinel Products

Hudson, Ma. — SignalFire Telemetry is introducing the newest version of its popular Sentinel-Solar Module. The new high-capacity module offers twice the storage capacity of the standard Sentinel-Solar Module while still maintaining a Class 1 Division 1 rating. Read more.

SignalFire Telemetry Introduces the Totalizer Module

Hudson, MA — Ideal for Flare Monitoring Hudson, Ma. With gas flaring regulations becoming ever tighter, the need for monitoring the total flow of flared gas is becoming a hard requirement. SignalFire has added a Totalizer module to its line of wireless products. “The Totalizer module is designed to work with analog or digital flow meters and can … Read more.

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